With a sophisticated core of clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, joining Seiler offers the opportunity to excel in a truly engaging and impactful work environment.

Our team is the core of the firm’s success. At Seiler, we prioritize creating a connection between who you are outside of work and what motivates you at the office.

You are a key driver of where you want your career to go. Seiler provides immense opportunity when it comes to working on complex, engaging projects with interesting clients. We’re here to help navigate your trajectory by fostering an environment in which you thrive. You’ll also be fully supported through a comprehensive onboarding process to ensure a successful transition as a new employee.


A Culture of Excellence

Each team member at Seiler has the ability to take on a truly customized development plan that goes above and beyond what you find at most other firms. Our goal is to keep you motivated and enthusiastic in a way that is meaningful to you.

From thoughtfully designed training programs, to exposure to diverse projects and clients, our offerings allow you to benefit from a clear commitment to your growth as you advance through the firm. You’ll also work closely with partners and managers who invest the time and attention to growing a team of leaders who make substantive contributions to the firm.

Our development opportunities are vast, integrating both formal and informal learning. With a culture of transparency, Seiler’s work environment is centered around prioritizing your professional goals, learning to ask for what you need, and fostering an open dialogue with natural check points.

Even if previous positions didn’t allow for the time or finances to fuel your professional development, Seiler provides catch-up opportunities to fill any skills gaps.

Learn more about leadership and development opportunities at Seiler.


A True Life-Work Balance

Like any other tax and accounting advisory firm, we have clear busy seasons throughout the year. Seiler’s differentiator, however, is that we set clear expectations within a structured framework to avoid team members feeling overextended at any point.

While we’re an established firm, we also offer flexibility when it comes to working from home. Our goal is to develop each employee as a business owner of their area of expertise. We encourage managing your own client relationships in order to create a true balance between work needs and priorities in other areas of your life.

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The transition from a Big 4 firm to Seiler was a decision I will never regret. This is a firm that challenges me with diverse and interesting clients while providing the personalized mentoring and training that have helped accelerate my career. The Seiler family has exceeded my expectations.”


Tax Partner


What to Expect at Seiler

  • Sophisticated training courses
  • Ongoing professional development programs
  • Meaningful assignments with direct client contact
  • Exposure to ultra-high-net-worth clientele
  • Continual access to partners and senior staff
  • Complex and interesting work
  • Rewarding mentor relationships

Experienced Candidates