At Seiler LLP, our goal is to help you become a best-of-the-best professional who provides world class service and expertise to our clients. By providing exceptional training and mentorship programs, we help you excel in your engagements and shine as an individual.

We believe that the best professionals are those with a wide range of experiences, from face-to-face client involvement to the practical, hands-on experience of strategic planning. You will receive many opportunities to learn and grow. Working directly with clients, partners and managers, you will gain unique insights into high levels of advisory and decision-making and learn the intricacies of client service.

Seiler believes in the power of relationships. We provide support and encouragement as you establish relationships and build a network both internally within the firm and externally with clients and their trusted advisors, such as wealth managers, attorneys and bankers. Our partners, managers and marketing and business development group will provide mentorship and training in topics such as effective networking, volunteerism, board membership and social media strategies.

Mentorship & Support

We have developed a “roadmap to success” program individualized for each employee. It starts with a team of mentors who act as your advisors and coaches and help you to realize your potential and continually advance your career. Your mentor team will assist in a variety of areas such as:

  • Guiding you through the process of integrating into the firm
  • Helping you determine your career goals and understand your responsibilities
  • Facilitating your training and development
  • Assisting in developing your leadership skills
  • Providing advice in client engagements
  • Supporting you in building your business and community network
  • Giving constructive feedback

Training & Education

The world of accounting is continually changing and growing. As such, Seiler takes lifelong learning seriously. We have an extensive state of the art training program with live in-house and off-site training classes, web-based learning, CDs, DVDs, books, seminars, webinars and the most up-to-date information in the industry. Training and education opportunities include topics such as:

  • Technical expertise for tax and audit at all levels with personalized and hands-on training in real accounting cases
  • Training in Excel, Word, Adobe and all tax and audit software needed to further your professional growth
  • Personalized training for professional development with classes in business etiquette, business communication, writing skills, and time management
  • Leadership training and development
  • Effectively managing client relationships
  • Diversity and women’s matters

Leadership & Diversity

We believe in supporting employees of all genders, races and life stages and have developed individualized roadmaps for women, minority and parent employees, among others. While everyone at our firm enjoys access to all the training opportunities mentioned above, we also feature more specialized training, coaching and life integration tools specific to the unique situations women, minorities, parents and others face. We recognize that every person’s challenges and opportunities are different, so instead of applying a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership development, we work with employees on an individual basis to support them in their unique career paths.