Seiler LLP’s Family Office clients include some of the Bay Area’s most affluent and successful individuals, entrepreneurs and families.

Our clients represent a broad spectrum. Some are busy executives focused on business, personal productivity and building wealth. Others are single- or multi-generational families seeking to transfer wealth to the next generation or have philanthropic endeavors. We also serve clients who have established their own Single Family Offices.

A common thread among our Family Office clients is the desire to contribute to their communities, pursue their career goals and enjoy their free time. However, their lives are often complex and demanding and time can be precious. Seiler’s Family Office group manages the many details that would otherwise consume our clients’ time, allowing them to pursue their goals and to live their lives in a full and meaningful way.

Family Office Services

Seiler provides a wide range of customized services for each type of Family Office client, from advising on complex inter-generational wealth strategies to bill payment and oversight of household personnel. Because we are a full-service CPA firm with global reach, our clients also call upon us for strategic and multi-faceted responsibilities such as domestic and international tax planning and real estate advisory.

For many clients, we function as personal Chief Financial Officers, overseeing the many aspects of their complex personal financial worlds. This may entail coordinating the acquisition of art and wine collections, evaluating leases on airplanes and automobiles or preparing consolidated financial statements. We frequently work in partnership with our clients’ other trusted advisors to develop holistic insights and to craft sophisticated solutions that consider all aspects of our clients’ financial lives.

Confidentiality and Internal Controls

Every engagement, whether comprehensive or project based, is handled with the utmost discretion and care. Seiler’s strong system of internal controls gives our clients confidence in the integrity and security of private information and personal accounts. For those clients who wish to manage wealth internally, we offer internal operations analyses and recommendations to ensure compliance with best practices and procedures.

Family Office Clients