Family Office

Our clients represent a broad spectrum, including families, individuals, and Single Family Offices. But a common thread among all of them is the desire to focus on what’s most important. Seiler’s Family Office group manages many financial and administrative details that would otherwise consume client’s time.

Why Choose Seiler?

  • We Serve Families with Highly Complex Financial Worlds. Families whose net worth range from tens of millions of dollars to several billion dollars entrust us with their financial lives. They look to us for advice on tax planning, trusts, private foundations, wealth transfer, charitable giving, aircraft and foreign financial concerns, to name a few.
  • We Deliver Deep Expertise On-Demand. Our team deals with complex issues in the ultra-high-net-worth arena every day. While some matters might arise only once in a client’s life, we deal with those same matters on a regular basis and we have the depth of expertise to bring in specialists when needed at any point.
  • Our Offerings are Á La Carte. No two of our clients are alike, and we don’t expect them to be. Every engagement is highly tailored to what our clients need, and our services are scalable. We can serve as a fully outsourced provider to a high-net-worth family or provide a complement to an existing Family Office infrastructure.
  • We Have No Conflicts with Other Trusted Advisors. We don’t manage assets, oversee investments, sell insurance or provide legal services and this frees us to focus on what we do extremely well: financial and household management.
  • We’re Part of Seiler LLP. Our firm has nearly six decades of experience serving ultra high-net-worth families and individuals. The Family Office team can leverage Seiler’s world-class expertise in tax, advisory, audit and litigation support services to assist in serving their various needs.

Who We Serve

  • For individuals, we can serve as a personal Chief Financial Officer, overseeing and coordinating all aspects of a client’s complex world. We walk along side our clients through major life and financial events, such as marriage, starting a family, complex liquidity events, asset and real estate acquisition, and many others.
  • For multi-generational families, in addition to providing all the benefits of an outsourced finance department for the family, we provide advice and education around intricate family matters with intelligence and sensitivity. We can facilitate family meetings, educate heirs about the family business and finances, and help a family establish and realize their legacy goals.
  • For Single Family Offices, we offer a phalanx of specialists who can take on interim coverage, due diligence, internal controls and other special projects that might otherwise exceed a Single Family Office’s current resources.

Service Offerings

Bill Pay, Budget Creation and Cash Management

  • Financial / spending reports
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Bill payment and cash management
  • Consolidated financial reporting, including personal financial statements and reports
  • Comprehensive tax package preparation
  • Accounting for direct private investments, including recording capital calls, distributions, tax basis and fair market value

Payroll and HR Administration

  • Household, family office or small business employee payroll, benefits and HR administration
  • Assistance with recruiting and staffing, background checks, staff meetings and employee evaluations administration

Partnership, Small Business, and Private Foundation Accounting

  • Specialized accounting for complex family partnerships and holding structures
  • Accounting, bill pay, and month-end close for small businesses
  • Grant administration, accounting, bill pay, and external audit support for private foundations

Trust and Estate Planning

  • Working with legal counsel and tax advisors to establish and maintain charitable remainder trusts, private foundations and other structures
  • Implementing wealth preservation, philanthropic and family legacy goals
  • Comprehensive reports for estate and business succession planning

Fine Arts, Aircraft & Other Vehicle Ownership

  • Coordinating financing, leasing v. buying analysis and tax considerations
  • Assistance with valuations for insurance, donation and tax purposes
  • Analysis of forms of partial aircraft ownership

Real Estate

  • Assistance with real estate purchases, sales and/or exchanges in the U.S. and abroad
  • Working with legal counsel and county tax assessors to appeal real property tax valuations
  • Budget, cost basis, and vendor management for personal real estate projects
  • Advisory on rental property finance and operations

Insurance Reviews and Risk Management

  • Liaising with brokers to help ensure adequate coverage and coordinating with agencies when losses occur
  • Obtaining insurance for overseas travel, or other specialized coverages

Internal Controls & Special Projects

  • Analyzing internal operations and providing recommendations for families who manage their wealth internally
  • Assisting with a range of other special projects, including identity theft protection best practices recommendations