Seiler LLP has worked with many of the “Who’s Who” of Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, the United States and the world for the past six decades. Start your career with us and work with the firm named “Best of the Best” for 12 years and counting.

Many of our clients are leaders in their industries and have achieved great success as entrepreneurs, community leaders and philanthropists. Their needs are sophisticated and complex and you’ll find their engagements unique and exciting. As a member of HLB International, Seiler also serves clients nationally and internationally, giving you exposure to worldwide issues as well.

Growth and Advancement

We want you to be fulfilled and challenged in your career and to advance at a rate that keeps you motivated and enthusiastic. We’ll help you to develop an expertise in taxation or audit, or if you’re uncertain which direction to take, we’ll provide the guidance you need to select a path. Our world-class training programs will provide you individualized guidance on how to build your career and will give you all the skills and

knowledge you’ll need to excel in your job. Our partners and managers will work closely with you to ensure that you have many opportunities to achieve your own personal goals and to contribute to Seiler’s growth and objectives.

What really sets Seiler apart from every other accounting firm is the people and the sense of community. It’s their desire to help you learn and grow, the leadership opportunities they provide, even the way everyone waves hello in the morning. It’s just a great place to work.

How to Apply

If you are seeking an entry-level position in audit, tax or Family Office, please contact us at with your resume, cover letter and any questions.

When I was fresh out of grad school, I knew what type of company I wanted to work for. I wanted access to partners and their depth of knowledge. I wanted the work itself to be difficult, engaging; work that mattered. I wanted a firm that took care of its people and recognized each individual for their effort. Seiler has done all this and more. I really know my team well and I feel appreciated.


Tax Supervisor

What to Expect in Your First Year
  • Sophisticated training courses
  • Ongoing professional development programs
  • Meaningful assignments
  • Exposure to ultra-high-net-worth clientele
  • Continual access to partners and senior staff
  • Complex and interesting work
  • Rewarding mentor relationships