Turn the theories you’ve learned into real-life results.

Looking for an entry-level position in audit, tax, litigation support, or Family Office? Email us at  with your resume and cover letter, along with any questions you may have.

We value our recruits who join Seiler directly from college or grad school because you bring a fresh perspective to our team. That’s why we take time to truly invest in your career. We want to partner with you to grow your expertise in a way that excites you.


Why Choose Seiler

Seiler offers the opportunity to work on behalf of high profile, ultra-high-net-worth clients. We also provide each employee with custom training programs and individualized guidance. We help to expand your skillset and offer incentives that actually motivate you each day at the office.

We work hard to give you experience in a variety of projects. Our broad spectrum of clients includes:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Closely held businesses
  • Non-profit organizations

As a key player in a mid-sized firm, your work at Seiler really matters. Being a part of our highly coordinated team offers both exposure and recognition throughout the course of your work.


Growing the Whole Person

Discover our core practice areas and how you could contribute:

In addition to business learning opportunities, Seiler also invests in other skills early on in your career. These include emotional intelligence development, management training, and informal mentoring. Utilizing these skills throughout your professional journey can be a true differentiator in the way in which your career progresses. Our strong employee retention is a true testament to the quality of investment we make in each team member across practice areas.

Learn more about our leadership and development programs.

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Seiler’s unique and interesting client base is what initially attracted me to the firm, but what keeps me here is the support, teamwork, and company of good people. Everyone from managing partners down to tax staff with just one busy season under their belt is committed to helping others learn and grow. My eight years here have been incredibly rewarding.


Tax Principal


Work Culture

In addition to our extensive investment in your professional development, we also offer a transparent work culture that works to embrace each team member as an individual. Our structured workload during busy times of year prevents burnout, and we also offer firm-wide perks throughout the year to create a genuinely well-rounded lifestyle.

Learn more about life-work balance at Seiler.

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I knew I was looking for a firm with an innovative, 21st-century outlook on what a tax professional should be coming straight out of college. Seiler is all about teamwork, which meant a lot to me when selecting a firm. I’ve been able to allow my personality to shine through my work and build not only coworkers but friends. The diverse client work, direct access to the partners, and endless learning opportunities have solidified that starting my career at Seiler was the best choice for me to become a confident professional.


Tax Manager


How to Apply

Looking for an entry-level position in audit, tax, litigation support, or Family Office? Connect with us at with your resume, cover letter, and any questions you may have.

  • Salary range: 65k-85k

What to Expect in Your First Year

  • Sophisticated training courses
  • Ongoing professional development programs
  • Meaningful assignments
  • Exposure to ultra-high-net-worth clientele
  • Continual access to partners and senior staff
  • Complex and interesting work
  • Rewarding mentor relationships
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I started with Seiler right out of grad school. At the time, filling out my name and address on my own tax return was the extent of my real-life accounting experience! The partners here are extremely experienced and knowledgeable, but they are also accessible and welcoming. They make the effort to form personal connections with every team member, and they take the time to explain complex technical topics. The work is challenging and engaging, and I appreciate the firm’s focus on training everyone to become consummate professionals, not just data-entry experts. Seiler’s culture is the biggest reason I stay. The firm has been extremely flexible and supportive of some of my personal life goals, is inclusive of people from all walks of life, and has adopted a playful attitude towards lightening the load of the “busy seasons” with Seiler Games and other fun activities.


Tax Principal