Case Studies


Seiler LLP’s tax professionals have served the unique needs of affluent families and individuals for more than five decades.

Case: International, Extended-Term Tracing

We assisted our client with preparing his Schedule of Assets & Debts, listing numerous overseas investments and business operations claimed as separate property. His spouse questioned the separate property claims, which required our tracing the funds used to acquire these assets over a multi-decade period. The majority of records and financial activities were located overseas, and Seiler worked in conjunction with the client’s international accounting firm to prepare a tracing analysis. We directed and supervised this process, which yielded very favorable results for our client.

Case: Income Available for Support

In a marital dissolution, the other party analyzed the marital standard of living, but did not determine income available for support. Our analysis addressed both the marital standard of living and the income available for support, and we were able with our report to show that the available income does not support the marital standard of living. After negotiations, the parties were able to settle upon an acceptable level of spousal support to be paid by our client without having to try the issue.

Case: Complex Business Valuation

Our client’s spouse went through three business valuators, finally engaging someone who valued the subject business at several times its true value. We worked closely with our client’s family law attorney providing analyses and reports, participating in settlement conferences and providing evidence and testimony at both deposition and trial. The Court heard key evidence and testimony we provided at trial and made a decision to accept our valuation of the business. Our client was very pleased with the results, which in turn meant the family home would not need to be sold and could continue to provide the children with some stability and comfort during a difficult time.