Seiler LLP believes in protecting your privacy. We do not collect any personally identifiable information from you that you do not volunteer. We do not sell, share or rent information to third parties without your consent.
If you register or submit personally identifiable information to us, you agree to the use of such information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Collected Information

Seiler does not collect any personally identifiable information about visitors to this site. We do record some non-personally identifiable information in our server logs, such as your IP address, the pages you visit, which we use to analyze our web traffic. Site statistics may be compiled by or reported to our third-party service providers.

Cookies and Other Technologies

We do not currently use cookies. However, in the future we may utilize cookies or other technologies that help us understand site usage and improve the content and offerings on the site. We also may use cookies to offer products or services. However, in any case we will not collect any personally identifiable information. At some future date we may use personally identifiable information to link to the information stored in the cookies. If this is a concern to you, you can set your computer to decline cookies.

Registrations & Subscriptions

If you register for an event with Seiler, we may use your registration information to process your request and send additional information. If you subscribe to e-Alerts or other items from Seiler, we may use the

registration information that you submit to send the items you request. We may also email additional messages containing information, which may be of interest to you. If we contract with a third party to deliver the emails, we will only share information with that party only in order to deliver the email. You may unsubscribe from this type of communication at any time.

Areas of the Site

If you register with us to obtain access to password-protected areas of the site, you authorize Seiler to use information you provide to personalize the information we deliver to you and to use your demographic information when analyzing aggregate web traffic patterns.

Job Applications

If you submit a job application to Seiler via this website, we may use the personally identifiable information that you supply, such as your email address and phone number, to contact you about job openings.

Other Contact

If you send an email to us, we will use your email address or other contact information

in order to respond to your inquiry. If you request information about our products or services, we may follow up with you in the future with additional information that we think may be of interest to you.

Parties to Whom
We Disclose Information

Seiler does not disclose your personally identifiable information to anyone except as necessary to respond to an inquiry or provide requested services. However, to the extent permitted by law, certain information about you may be disclosed in the following situations:

  1. To comply with a validly issued and enforceable subpoena or summons. To investigate network abuse.
  2. As a part of any legal proceedings or alternative dispute resolution either initiated by or against us.
  3. To provide information to affiliates of the firm and nonaffiliated third parties who perform services or functions for us in conjunction with any requests made by you.


From time to time we may revise this policy. Any changes to this policy will be posted on this website.