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Global Network’s Ethos of Collaboration, Innovation and Staying One Step Ahead Benefits Seiler Clients in the U.S. and Around the World

Seiler LLP, one of the nation’s leading advisory, tax, and accounting firms in the high-net-worth space, is pleased to kick off its celebration today of the 50th anniversary of HLB, the global advisory and accounting network of which the firm is an independent member. Seiler’s membership in HLB’s vast network, comprising firms with 745 offices in 153 jurisdictions worldwide, underscores how global collaboration can produce innovative, value-creating services and benefit Seiler’s diverse clientele worldwide.

“For 60 years, Seiler has made a point of cultivating a holistic, long-term perspective so that we can anticipate our clients’ needs – and exceed their expectations – in a rapidly evolving world,” said David Sacarelos, the firm’s partner in charge of coordinating cross-border engagements through HLB. “Our 30-year relationship with HLB has played an essential role in enabling us to seamlessly meet the increasingly sophisticated cross-border needs of our clients in Northern California and beyond. We’re proud to be a part of such a powerful alliance of trusted firms, and look forward to what lies ahead.”

Seiler and HLB have a shared history of deftly navigating numerous world-changing events including globalization, shifting political landscapes, the emergence of new economies, and ever-accelerating technological innovation. They share, too, an aptitude for embracing change and challenging the status quo.

“Seiler and our HLB network colleagues understood from day one that globalization would have an enormous impact on our clientele, and that effective international collaboration could provide tangible value to our clients as well as growth opportunity for our firms,” said Sacarelos. “In the decades since, our collective ability to anticipate what’s on the horizon and capitalize on emerging opportunities has helped our clients mitigate risk and flourish in any economic climate. We take a highly coordinated approach to working with our clients’ other trusted advisors to ensure our strategies align, and our results inspire long-term client relationships that span multiple decades and multi-generational successions.”

HLB’s golden anniversary comes on the heels of its most successful year to date. In 2018, HLB returned global revenues of $2.73 billion and achieved a record 15% growth over the previous year. Seiler also experienced another standout year of organic growth that included the opening of a new office in San Jose that is now home to more than 30 employees. In early September 2019, Seiler expanded again with the establishment of a new office in the thriving East Bay suburb of Walnut Creek.

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