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Non-Profit Insights May 2015

May 2015

Inside this Issue

  • Non-Profits Going Global – Don a Sleuthing Cap before Expanding Internationally
    Many non-profits today look beyond U.S. borders to boost revenue. They recruit members, sell products, promote conferences and solicit donations. Before you “raise your flag” in a foreign country, though, take stock. Here are five areas to research before putting both feet in the water.
  • IRS Reviews Vary Widely
    IRS reviews of charities and other non-profits were once relatively rare. For example, only the largest non-profits would find an IRS audit team at their door. But in recent years the agency has put an emphasis on enforcement in all areas for all sizes of tax-exempt organizations. Not all IRS reviews are created equal, however. Here’s a rundown of the three main types.
  • Fiscal Oversight: Is Your Board Making the Grade?
    Non-profits may not face the same government regulations or public scrutiny as for-profit public companies do. But that doesn’t mean your board can afford to get slack about financial governance. Donors and watchdog groups are paying increased attention to organizations’ Forms 990 and the media is quick to pounce on rumors of fraud or other financial wrongdoing in the non-profit sector.
  • Is Your Non-Profit Ready to Pass the Baton?
    Baby boomer non-profit leaders continue to retire in vast numbers nationwide. Does your organization have key people who are nearing retirement? If so, is there a concrete plan to replace them? A succession plan can be the difference between a non-profit carrying on its mission without interruption and its operations grinding to a halt.


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