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HLB’s Global Annual Review Reveals 25% Network Growth in 2021

HLB International recently released its 2021 Global Annual Review, noting that the network experienced major growth in revenue, offices, and cross-border locations.

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HLB International, the global advisory and accounting network, recently released its 2021 Global Annual Review, Reaching New Heights. In addition to outlining the impressive growth experienced last year, the report also reveals three areas of priority for the network: talent strategy, technology-powered value creation, and quality monitoring and engagement.

Talent Strategy

HLB has been focusing on talent attraction and retention, using strategies such as flexible work opportunities, attractive compensation and benefits, transparent succession planning, learning and development, and diversity and inclusion.

Technology-Powered Value Creation

In 2021, HLB increased collaborations among HLB federations to create customized audit software for local needs and developed plans for data analytics platforms. HLB also piloted a new client intelligence tool with cross-border capabilities, called HLB Cloud.

Quality Monitoring and Engagement

Remote auditing persisted throughout 2021. To help navigate this burden, HLB worked with an external technical consultant to create a framework for firms to align their current internal quality management systems with new requirements.

View the full report here.

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