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HLB’s 2022 Global Business Leaders Survey Reveals the Rise of the Innovation Imperative

HLB International, the global advisory and accounting network, recently released its annual business leaders survey, which included nearly 600 participants from over 45 countries. The major theme for 2022 is the critical importance of innovation.

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Innovation vs. Execution Gaps

The new report, entitled “Powering Your Innovation Engine,” revealed a greater confidence among business leaders in being adaptable and innovative amidst constant challenges, particularly compared to pre-pandemic levels. A full 95% of survey respondents cited rapid innovation as a critical component of future growth.

While improving operational efficiency was the top priority for leaders, the second priority was seeking fresh growth opportunities, such as launching new products or services. Investing in technology is an important part of this growth outlook.

The report takes a deep dive into barriers to innovation and explores ideas to unlock innovation opportunities. It also looks at the complexity of risks to business in the macro environment.

One of the biggest risks cited by business leaders is talent acquisition. There is a clearly defined gap in employee capabilities to execute these innovations, despite remote working offering a more global talent pool. Another perceived weakness is that the confines of corporate culture can dampen diversity of thought and strategy.

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