A commitment to public service is one of the founding values of Seiler LLP. We provide financial support to many organizations and encourage employee participation of all types.

Giving Back

As a firm, we donate both time and financial resources and play active roles in schools, youth and athletic programs, music and art projects, local governments, churches and synagogues. We are grateful for the vibrant, philanthropic community of the Bay Area, and we believe in nurturing and supporting local and national charitable and community organizations.

But our commitment to bettering our world goes beyond these efforts. We have worked hard to foster a robust culture of giving back with the hopes that no matter where our professionals and staff go in their personal and professional lives, they will carry forward the value of investing in community. From senior partners to accounting and administrative staff, all of our employees and professionals are encouraged to support the communities in which we live and work. Whether a board appointment at the national level or local volunteerism, Seiler recognizes the unique value each of us can bring, and we are dedicated to making a difference on many fronts.



Our Silicon Valley and San Francisco offices are set in scenic locations, and we are continually reminded of the beauty that surrounds us. We are committed to respecting and preserving our local – and global – environment. We have green initiatives throughout our operations, such as using paperless systems wherever we can, recycling in our offices and working with vendors and materials that are environmentally conscious. In fact, both of our offices in Redwood City and San Francisco are located in LEED certified buildings.